The American Way…

Before we had children, my husband and I argued about emigrating to Canada.

I did not want to raise my children in the U.S. in the 1980s because I did not like our military industrial culture.

That was before the mass shootings and outrageously expensive health care came on the scene. 

Even though my husband agreed with my concerns he preferred to remain in the U.S. and work to make  it better.

I like to think that during his lifetime we did make a small part of our world better for others and ourselves.


Canadian middle class

Older and probably no wiser, I am more convinced that we should have emigrated long ago.

The bottom line:  When it comes to improving the lives of the middle class, other rich countries have been doing a better job than the United States.  Justin Fox, Bloomberg

Why most Canadians are now better off than most Americans

As an American I live in a time and place where no one is safe from being murdered in a random shooting.

I live in a country where only the ultra rich can sleep at night knowing that a serious illness will not wipe out their savings.

Drinking the kool aid

Americans were sold a bill of goods as to the “American way of life”.

The trickle down theory sounds nice but doesn’t play out for many Americans working for “the man”.

Education has long been a way out of poverty for Americans.  It was a way “to pull yourself up by the bootstraps”.

The irony is that many poor students are barred from attending classes because our public transportation system is so poor.

So, yes, we can teach a man to fish if we can first get him to the fishing hole.

The same holds true for online classes…you have to own or have access to a computer and the Internet.

Of course, for any kind of education there is the question of money for tuition, books, lab fees, etc.

I could go on and on…

The bottom line is that we have work to do in this country for all Americans.

Call me naive, but I believe ordinary Americans can and do make a difference.

There is both need and opportunity everywhere.





6 thoughts on “The American Way…

  1. It’s really not better here in Canada.
    1. Our cities are not safe either.
    2. Sure we have socialized medicine, but the waiting time can kill you.
    3. Higher education is costly and the standards are lower (you don’t have to be able to write a proper sentence).
    4. Our dollar doesn’t buy as much as yours.
    I suppose the grass always looks greener on the other side.

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  2. Canada is far from perfect, as the previous comment points out, though stats seem to suggest that our cities are safer (not “safe” but “safer”) and our health care system makes a difference. But there is no room for complacency, either side of the border, and much need for everyone to protect and enhance everything that makes our lives safer, more dignified, and in the broadest sense healthier.


  3. The Australian Way of Life has always appeared to me to be the truly best and safest life in this world. That’s perhaps why we have immigrants from every nation on earth. But now I too know that societal influences have invaded even ‘down under’ . My husband, his parents., and generations of my own came from all over. They settled contributed and life flowed on. Now lots of violence and strife unease and trouble. Why……? Could it be in your nations as well as here it is a lack of the Christian God in schools and homes as once was ‘normal’ and the Bible as the handbook of life?
    Just a thought. Contentment no matter where we may be is truly a balm to the spirit. Blessings! and prayers for you all as you face the weather violence and as we here prepare for our time of drought and bushfire. Contentment wherever…..It is not always easy. xx F.


  4. All countries have their strengths and weaknesses. Canada is no exception but I am grateful for the good things the country has to offer. I feel relatively safe walking downtown in most Canadian cities. Education isn’t free, but it’s nowhere near the cost of a university education elsewhere. Of course, we have problems too. But, like you, I believe ordinary people can and do make a difference.


  5. Dear Lori, how thought provoking this post; it was interesting for me to read the responses. “The American Dream” bubble seems to have burst. In South Africa we consider Canada as Utopia in terms of safety – I mean, have you looked at our murder stats lately. Yes, in South Africa we have real issues with a fledgling democracy still bumbling along, a ruling party buying votes through empty promises from people who can’t afford to contribute. Kept in poverty because education is still not a priority. Neither is health. Neither is safety. But opportunity! Oh yes indeed, this is still a land of opportunity. All you need is to get off your butt and have some guts. ❤


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