Social distancing

“A beautiful day in the neighborhood” to quote Mr. Rogers.  

It is good for the soul and body to venture out.   

Let’s all hang in there “together” as best we can to care for one another and especially those most vulnerable during these trying times. 



9 thoughts on “Social distancing

  1. It is a situation where it is asking us to see and ask ourselves where we are at and how we feel in these circumstances. Situations like this very rarely come up in our world and it is asking us to ‘let go’ and become a better person for it. Yes, some may struggle but if we be that truth others will gain strength from it 😀 ❤️ 🙏🏽 🦋

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  2. Speaking of Mr. Rogers, our granddaughter’s Daniel the Tiger Birthday party was cancelled because of the need for social distancing. We dropped off gifts today and had to explain to her that we were not getting close and we wouldn’t be hugging. She grasped it okay but her 11 month old brother did not know what was going on when I would not pick him up and cuddle with him. Ugh. So hard. After today we will wait for 14 days and re-evaluate visiting them depending on everyone’s health. I’m sending notes and cards to widows without licking the envelopes. Using stickers! Stay safe and keep the Faith!

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    1. Hi Ellen,
      My granddaughter loves Daniel the Tiger. I relate to how painful it is not to be allowed to hug our grandchildren.
      This keeps going and going but there will be and end.
      I followed your example and started sending notes to people who are alone using tape on the envelopes.
      How are you doing?


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