Open arms…

Gosh,  I would love to hug these little creatures and enjoy a warm embrace in return.

Cold metal.  Brrr.

Social isolation is terrible.  I see my friends on social media or from a safe distance. 

I can’t give them a hug or sit beside them at lunch. 

This situation makes me miss my sweet dog Ginny even more. 

I could talk to her and snuggle with her. 

She had the sweetest face and a loving disposition.  

She was a great companion.  Sigh.

A bright spot

Tonight some neigbors and I lit candles and one banged a pot to commemorate our health care workers.  

It was nice  be outside and to chat with neighbors.

A single mother and I talked about life with her two sons and the dog, all in one household.  

It’s been raining alot and teenagers have lots of energy.  

The result of the conversation was that we agreed I would take the dog on occasion.

Having a little dog to cuddle and talk to, even for a short while, will be  enjoyable.  


Even so,  I still miss my Ginny

Ginny my Goldendoodle




14 thoughts on “Open arms…

  1. I hadn’t thought of this before, but could pets be carriers of the virus (without being sick)? Just like the virus can attach to groceries or other surfaces, could it be on a dog if it is exposed? I’m not worried about my own dogs – they’ve been social distancing with us – but what about other people’s dogs? I just don’t know. Wondered if you had heard anything about that.

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      1. So, when I checked the answer was no problem. But, now we have a lion in the zoo that has tested positive for the coronavirus. I guess it is better not to take any chances.

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  2. I take such comfort in our pets….again, sorry for your loss…it is hard. Then on top of it…these times of isolation! it warmed my heart to read of the arrangement between you and the single mom. My best to you, be well!!


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