May 2017

Her Mother had just been diagnosed with Stage 4 cancer.

Treatment started right away.

On the home front, my son and I had to wean their baby as breastfeeding was no longer possible.

She was not a happy camper.  Most of the task fell to me since her parents were at the hospital most of the day.

She cried and cried everytime I offered her a bottle filled with formula.

She swatted the bottle away.

Then she cried some more.

My heart broke.

Her wailing, her anger, her confusion, her disbelief mirrored what I was feeling.

The injustice of it all.

Phone Cleanup

I was downloading photos on my phone, when I found this photo of her reluctantly drinking water from a cup.

She drank some water for her Daddy.  She was starting to give in.

That battle over the bottle was only the beginning of the many struggles and adaptations that lay ahead.

Now a few months after my daughe-in-law’s death,  she often brings the conversation around to her Mommy.

She is three and misses her Mommy.

I felt helpless when my young daughter-in-law was dying from cancer.

I still feel helpless.

But, now, as then, I have a job to do – to love and to cherish my sweet granddaughter.


10 thoughts on “May 2017

  1. She will feel the love Lori. A grandmothers love is a very unique and beautiful energy. And years later she will understand what she has gone through and appreciate that grandmothers love even more 😀 ❤️ 🙏🏽 🦋

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