Peeping Tom?

The view from my living room on one side was not appealing. It was so bad that I kept the shades partially closed.

So, to improve the view I added this lovely plant on the outside.

It takes up almost the entire window.  A lovely alternative to the previous view.

For the first few days, as I walked across my living room or looked up from my reading, I would be startled by this plant “watching me” through the window.

Have I been isolated too long??


11 thoughts on “Peeping Tom?

  1. Maybe just your heart having a safe, calm place as you went through a very emotional time dear lady. When you start to move out of that space it can feel a little startling as the world begins to intrude again. But she is pretty ❤️ 🙏🏽 🦋

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  2. This is a funny thought and could even be an encouragement. I remember being really spooked when a bird clung to the screen door and peered intently at me. It gave a screeching squawk and then flew away. I’ve often wondered with a little shudder whether it was trying to tell me something? I love your plant by the way. Stay safe and take care!

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