The Power of One…

I am heartened by the actions of people who try to make a difference.

My friend is waging a battle to save Powell’s Bookstore.

A source of pride for locals, Powell’s is no ordinary bookstore.  It is the grand dame of bookstores.


Powell’s claims to be the world’s largest independent new and used bookstore in the world with 68,000 square feet (1.6 acres) of retail floor space.  Wikipedia

Needless to say, a visit to Powell’s is an experience!   You can buy books, sell books, attend book lectures, grab a cup of coffee…the list goes on.  It is easy to spend hours in Powell’s.

My friend’s approach…ask for recommendations for books that people could buy to support the bookstore.

⭐Asking for Recommendation
I’ve heard that Powell’s Books was in a difficult position because of our current situation. To save their business, I will like to buy some books. What do you recommend?
I hope you’ll find some books that you’ll like to read too. Order from Powell’s (and not from Am@zon 😉

Book Recommendations

Perhaps you will find a book or two that you like and that you will support your local bookstore.

Happy Reading!





4 thoughts on “The Power of One…

  1. It would be tragic if Powell’s disappears. On my one trip to Portland, it rained constantly and I spent practically all my time in Powell’s. It was a revelation to me and I somehow managed to get all the books o bought there in my luggage and back to New Zealand.

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