The Three Graces

I was tired of seeing the graces always depicted as beautiful young things. I think wisdom comes with age and life and pain and knowing what matters. “

This is a  comment by Clara,  a character in the mystery novel A Fatal Grace by Louise Penny,  referring to a painting of three elderly women depicted as the Three Graces.

Age, life, pain and knowing what matters.






6 thoughts on “The Three Graces

  1. What Truth in that comment. It was not until I reached 70 years of age that I began to really comprehend just how rich , fulfilling and complicated life really is and was. As the years have passed learning and living and growing – suffering loss and grief as well as joy and deep contentment, I am in a place now where each day has its own intrinsic value. All the new lessons of coronavirus are in their own way a forward growing experience. How rich life indeed our life was but still will be. For now one day at a time I value, live and learn. Thank you for blog and shared comment.


    1. Good morning, Yes, I enjoy her mysteries. A bonus is learning more about the culture & history… another province to visit and enjoy! Not sure if I will make my annual trip to BC this summer. I hope the hotels restaurants and other places are open soon. I hope that you are doing well.

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      1. Ahh, this summer: we are geing urged to stay within the province, and others are being urged to stay away (even from other parts of Canada), and they are talking, probably wisely, of further extending the closed US/Canada border. So, you probably won’t be here this summer. Next year! And it makes us all that much more appreciative of the freedoms we usually take entirely for granted. I am well, I hope you are too, and may we continue to notice what is positive in the midst of so much that is negative.

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      2. Like many others, I am slowing down and appreciating all of the freedoms that I have enjoyed and taken for granted. I spend my time cooking more, writing letters, reading, gardening. Do miss my sons and their families. My grandchildren (9, 3) are growing up so fast. Not sure when a trip to Denver or Alabama will be an option. Day by day! Take care, Lori

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