Helping others

~Photo Lisa Fotios,

We have to help those in need regardless of our feelings about them. We feel good helping those we like or the people whom we think deserve to be helped. It’s harder but still essential to help the people who dislike us or resent us or are indifferent to us.*

I find this to be true and worth remembering as I consider my actions in helping others.

There is much to be done.


*Where I read this, I don’t know. Sitting in my chair by my  fireplace reading and sipping coffee,  I was moved to record this thought but neglected to cite the souce. My apologies to the author.

Peace & blessings to all,


10 thoughts on “Helping others

  1. This is a nice article! Especially during this time, we need to help others. If it is making a meal or just sending someone a nice little text message. The point is to use what you have to help others. I have found something that has helped my family and others. May I share it with you?

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    1. Of course, I always welcome ideas for helping my family and others. Recently I received a note from a woman in a group to which I belong. I don’t know her but she was reaching out to spread cheer and offer comfort during these trying times.

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  2. I find that statement to be so true especially dealing with my niece who is the mother of the 3 beautiful daughters we have taken in. Regardless of her actions and some of my family “cutting” her off including her own parent, I maintain a friendly stance refusing to engage in her want to battle, blame and not take responsibility for her lies and actions. I find peace in refusing and I hope continued growth for her.


    1. I believe that you are helping her even though she may not respond. Dealing with others who are difficult can be draining. I am glad that you have found peace in dealing with her. Sometimes, holding our ground and upholding our values can be the most helpful thing for a person.
      You have always seemed to me to be a wonderful person.
      Take care, Lori


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