You are protected

On the bottom of the front screen of my cell phone there is a daily message from my security software provider.  

You are protected. No problems detected.

Yes, my phone is protected against hackers, robocalls and malicious attacks.  My home is protected by security cameras and motion detectors. There are no problems detected. 

Yet, where is the software that I could wrap around my family, my friends and others so that all of us are protected in the world today?  The only software that I know is loving compassion, kindness and respect for all beings.


~Photo Lori Greer, Portland, Oregon, USA.~ 

It is important to care.  It is important to connect.  

Thank you for reading.  



9 thoughts on “You are protected

      1. Yes, they are all well thank you Lori, and re-inventing themselves as these times go by 😀
        Much love for your journey too dear lady, may it be a guiding light in your path too ❤️ 🙏🏽 🦋

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      1. I am, thank you. Moving with my youngest son into our new little house next week so the big push to finish the floors. A little emotional for me without hubby but I purposely chose different wall and floor colors than we had.


  1. Again thank you, This day I ask for my family and all my friends that they may be enveloped in the loving Arms of the God I worship. In HIM alone is my HOPE.Blessings to you and PEACE! He is LOVE DIVINE.

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