The long road ahead

~Photo Pixabay, Pexels~

Well, it seems Americans are in this mess for much longer than expected.

Most people I know are wearing masks and practicing social distancing.

But as with the proverial rotten apple…

It took awhile for it to sink in that life, as I have known and enjoyed it, will not return anytime soon.

The worst part is not seeing my two grandchildren ages 9 and 3.

I am glad that I was able to visit the 9-year old in February.

In fact, it was one of my best trips to Denver.

I last time I saw the 3-year old was at Thanksgiving in Alabama.  I went for her Mother’s funeral and stayed a few weeks.

She and I video chat but it is not nearly enough.

There is so much that I took for granted such as the availability of flights back and forth to Denver and Alabama.

A long road ahead, but not a never ending road.

14 thoughts on “The long road ahead

      1. That’s good to hear Lori. We’re both well and have been surprisingly busy during the pandemic. We’re just enjoying spending time in the area where we live and which we love. Stay safe x

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  1. These are strange, bewildering, sad, confusing, yet amazing days. The amazing part is that one suddenly feels your senses are on high alert, noticing and appreciating what not so long ago was taken for granted, and hoping to keep hold of this new way of ‘being’. Yet it is terribly sad for family and people who are geographically distanced from each other. Our president actually stipulated in his broadcast on Sunday evening, that “unfortunately, family visits are banned.” My parents-in-law are in their late 80s and live in our village which is 10km away. How on earth can we NOT see them. Why should they be so punished? One needs to be careful, that is all, and responsible. But cold? No, I think not.
    ❤ XX

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    1. I agree about your parents-in-law…It would be intolerable not to visit them. As you say, we all have to be careful and responsible. I am planniing to visit my grandchildren in the fall unless the country is shut down. It is a risk I am willing to take as they are growing so fast. I also want to visit and return before our national election.
      Be well ❤❤

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      1. So far, so good. Being careful. Stay away from all that anarchy in Portland, Lori. We have some stupid Canadian copy-cats who are so bored that they are trying to start up something here too, tearing down the establishment. As if we needed that kind of chaos at a time like this.


  2. Thank you Lori. My day was blessed by seeing a post from you. Focus your heart (as you are doing) and keep finding beauty in surrounding life. Many families are far away and can’t be touched physically bot LOVE is higher wider and deeper and transcends all things. Across the seas and miles my heart soars to connect with yours, As mothers and grandmothers we join. Blessings!

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