Good ol’ Herbie

Every evening, I bring in the nine cushions from my outdoor furniture.

It doesn’t take very long to bring them in and stack them on my dining room floor.

In the morning I take them out again so that I can enjoy my patio furniture during the day.

This is something new that I’ve started after prowlers began to visit  in our neighborhood. I have a  video clip of one guy pawing through my pillows and smelling them.  

I don’t like bringing them in.

Yet, I bring them in, thanks to Herbie.

Herbie was the husband of my work colleague.

Herbie’s advice was always better safe than sorry.  Bring in the cushions! Don’t leave valuables in the car! Leave nothing to chance!

I don’t recall meeting Herbie. If he walked in my house today he would be a stranger. 

Herbie was the guy in the background. Solid, stable good ol’ Herbie who kept my flighty friend safe and grounded. He was a good and decent guy who worked hard for his family. I’ve lost track of them but I am grateful to Herbie for teaching me to be careful.  


I am Herbie

We sometimes influence others without even knowing the impact of our actions or beliefs.

People, including my sons, have commented and thanked me for something that I said or did that they incorporated into their lives.  Sometimes I don’t recall the encounter. As to my sons, who knew they were paying attention?

I am grateful for my role models who set the bar high for living a decent, responsible and moral life. 

The baton has been passed.

Actions and words matter. 




10 thoughts on “Good ol’ Herbie

  1. “Decent, responsible and moral”. Three words to live by, but missing in the current political environment we are living in. Thanks for the reminder of what’s important!

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  2. I watch the news and feel really saddened by the trend that is happening in the States. We always loved to visit there and now feel that it would not be the great experience it always has been. Crime has been allowed to escalate without censure of any kind. It may not be affecting people in the suburbs (yet) but it has to affect your state of mind to know that lawlessness is taking over. I hope you can manage to stay safe, Lori, and yes, do take the cushions in and don’t feel bad about it.

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    1. Thank you. It is awful. I fear it may get worse before it gets better with the upcoming election. Scary times.
      I am trying to live a somewhat normal life. I go for walks, go shopping, etc. I do set my alarm system every night and even sometimes during the day.
      I miss not going to BC. It was always a lovely trip! Take care, Lori

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      1. Our life is so removed from that anarchy. Unfortunately we have a prime minister who seems to think it’s “cool” to be able to say, “Yeah, we have a problem too. Maybe we should start protesting too, and see where that leads.” So far, it’s okay here, but it worries me when we have this detriment to the country at the helm.


    1. Yes, they hear us even if sometimes they don’t acknowledge us. It is fun to be a grandparent and listen to my sons talk about parenting their young children. Thank you for reading. Lori

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      1. I was talking about this with my very good ‘grandmother’ friend just the other day! She said that I will love being a grandma— it’s more fun. I think primarily because the pressure is off so to speak.
        I’m not one to want to wish my life away but it definitely gives me something to look forward to!

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