Hello there

Just a quick note to say hello and wish you well.

I have a “to do” list that is a mile long and keeps me running.

Even though I am busy with work, isolated from my friends and, worst of all, my family, I am still grateful.

Grateful that my family and friends are healthy and safe.

Grateful that I have a job, a warm house, plenty of food and a puppy.

Grateful for the opportunities that lie before me to continue to live a meaningful life.

So this is a quick post as I am on “borrowed” time until my 6-month old puppy comes charging into my office.

Then, it’s off to the races, puppy races that is, of tossing a ball, going for walks, and playing tug with her toys.

Fun and mayhem!

Hugs from the beautiful Pacific Northwest,



13 thoughts on “Hello there

    1. Thank you Sheree. She is so much fun and a comfort during these days of isolation which I hope are coming to an end soon.
      I hope that you are well and enjoying the beginning of spring. It is a beautiful day in Portland. Hugs, Lori

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