Happy Birthday Son

~Photo by Ben Mack, http://www.oceanfeels.com/pexels.com~

Today is my son’s birthday.

I could tell many stories about him but this is a favorite.

He joined a year-round swim team the summer he was 12. He suffered from asthma and was a wheezy, underweight kid. We thought it would be good for him. It turns out we were right. (Score one for the parents!) By the end of the summer his breathing was so much better and he was less dependent on his inhaler.

Also at the end of summer was his first meet and he was swimming a 500 for his team. This means swimming the length of the 25 yard pool 20 times. It is a marathon especially for a beginner.

His swimming was much better after taking lessons and practicing all summer. Even so, he was no match for kids who  had been in the program since kindergarten.

The 500 started and the other kids literally swam laps around him and the event was over. The official told him he did not have to finish if he didn’t want to.

The other kids were finished but he decided to stay in the pool and finish the job.

The other kids and the parents all waited while this lone swimmer, this little skinny kid, swam back and forth to complete 20 laps. He finished.

He exited the pool to applause and cheers.

He didn’t win any medals that day. but he was a champion.

10 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Son

      1. It’s sure a huge upheaval in the States. Half the country is unhappy and worried, and we all have to hope for the best. I know you lean left, but from our relatively neutral standpoint up here, it looks like the U.S. is headed for trouble – I’m thinking of all the censorship where people can’t speak their mind if they disagree with what twitter and facebook decree. They have way too much control.

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  1. The courage something like that builds goes on and on into our lives. A moment in time, as his birthday is. Happy Birthday young gun, look at the things you’ve done up to now…all simply because you ‘tried’ 😀 ❤️ 🙏🏽 🦋

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  2. A champion indeed! 😊

    I hope the celebrations on Wed lifted your spirits and gave you some hope. It certainly warmed my heart and brought joy into my life 4 the 1st time in a LONG time. 😊

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