Crying in church

I don’t cry very much.

In fact, I wish I could cry easily  and more often.

Over the years I have learned to maintain control.  

My emotions are contained.

I wear a happy face. 

Masks and sunglasses have helped maintain my facade.  

Unless I am in church.  Then my guard is down and tears come easily.   

“Amazing Grace” did it for me this past Sunday.

The healing grace of a good cry.

Does a body good.

7 thoughts on “Crying in church

  1. That is a heart listening out for that call, that place we want to touch deep inside as a moment comes close to it and begs entry. Holding it tight is the only thing that blocks it…dare we open…or close it. Beyond and through it is a light…and at last a smile, a real one. And some more tears, but these ones we let go freely. They are with love, not a painful one to be seen ❤️ 🙏🏽 🦋

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  2. A quiet place. A healing place in a church building or even under a tree by a gently flowing stream…….anywhere silent. Healing Grace if allowed to flow can bring powerful reality of well-being through tears or fresh motivation which give life ongoing meaning even in the midst of a storm. Bl.essings!

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