Take your best shot!

This brought a smile!

Takes my mind off other “shots” such as covid vaccines, boosters, flu shots…

My doctor expressed his frustration the other day with his patients who would not get their covid shots.

A local theatre requires proof of vaccination for entry.

So much controversy.

Maybe I will try a shot of whiskey after all!

4 thoughts on “Take your best shot!

  1. Laughter helps. It brings perspective, and is empowering — it makes us larger than, not engulfed by, the situation. My hairdresser has taped a joke-note on her mirror, saying she’ll add $1 to the bill of any client mentioning COVID or vaccinations — and, if she brings up the forbidden topic, she will subtract $1 from the bill. I laughed, and we promptly had a brief COVID discussion. Since we both participated, no additional loonie changed hands.

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