Thursday 2.24.2022

Everyday I wake up and my small world is the same.

My activities are limited…trips to the grocery store, the gym, the beauty shop, the library, the post office, walks with my dog Riley…all  while masked. Sometimes dinner in a restaurant with masked waiters and tables far apart.

There are inconveniences. My yearly physical, due in September  2021, was pushed back until at least April 2022.  The health care system is seeing sick people only.

Thank goodness I am healthy.  However, I was able to schedule all of my labs.  So far, so good!

Some products are not available so I have to do without or find a substitute.

Prices for gasoline, coffee and other products are rising.

There is talk of shortages.

Reading  about the Great Depression of the 1930’s and the Blitz of London during World War II, reminds me that I  am very lucky that the minor inconveniences and minor deprivations of the pandemic are just that…minor. 

11 thoughts on “Thursday 2.24.2022

  1. Every day counting blessings helps but the life I have Just experienced makes me long for a bit of boring ordinary. A serious operation a drastic flood all around me. frail and battered by suffering i could see , including overseas Russian insanity I can still thank God for breath and life. Blessings!

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