Another kind of death

When my husband died, I became a ghost.

I could hear others talking.  

I may have responded.

I was numb. 

I was empty.

That’s how I feel now as I see and hear the news about the invasion of Ukraine.  

This feels like another kind of death. 

But there is a difference.  

No one could reverse my husband’s death.  He was not Lazarus.  

It was final.

That’s not the case now in Ukraine.

Russian domination does not have to win.  

Putin can withdraw.

~Photo-Pexels-Katie-Godowsi Photography~

7 thoughts on “Another kind of death

  1. Where are all the voices of HOPE? Mankind generation by generation seems ;to be hellbent on destroying itself. and everyone else.
    Who is the ultimate destroyer of human souls?. Sleepless nights benefit no one but .Prayerful Hope may. BUT even in the UKRAINE as in EUROPE during Hitler, there were those who sought for ;higher and better in the midst of it all. Let’s never cease praying and believing that this earth is not our eternal HOME, and millions will find their eternal destiny before the trumpet sounds. Let’s paint a picture today or talk to a bird. blessings and PEACE to you,

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