One Saturday in May

Slow start this morning.

Slept in until 8.  Unusual for me.

Now on my second cup of coffee.

Cloudy skies, cold and damp outside. 

My dog is sleeping by the fire.

This could be a dreary day.

I can’t give in.  

My antidote

Turn on lights,

Tune into some happy, upbeat music.

Do little household projects to get moving.

Dust and water inside plants.

Text my sons.

Text my friends. 

Send a thank you note to the emergency clinic staff who saved my dog’s life.  

Send a thank you note to my two new doctors who are taking excellent care of me.  

Play with my dog.

Gather my art materials and create a masterpiece. 🙂

Wow!   So many ways to feel happy, connected and creative.  

It’s amazing— just writing this post energized me.  

Happy day to my blogging buddies! What are you doing today?


9 thoughts on “One Saturday in May

  1. Just finished listening to my new meditation app. Such a relaxing way to start my day. Off to the Farmers Market as they need our support! Then will work on a quilt that I am making as a wedding gift. No sun yet, but much to be grateful for.

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      1. It’s unseasonably hot sunny and wonderful here on Canadian East Coast. Did some yard work and then to the ocean . My happy place

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  2. Creating means you are no longer reacting dear lady. It is a gift from God, unconditional love is His creation. And like all things we need to live one to understand and appreciate the other. It shows us His compassion and empathy in living them. Live this conditional world and it will show you His unconditional one…live it and be free in its love ❤️ 🙏🏽 🦋

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  3. its been a week of unseasonal depressing pouring rain here. Your remedy works for me too. Thank you. Hope when your Summer comes you will have golden days of Promise,

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