Kindness from a stranger

It’s funny how you remember people. 

Take Linda.

I thought of her today.

She is not a friend, a neighbor, not  even an acquaintance. 

Her number is not in my phone.

I don’t know what she looks like, who her children are, if any.

She is a random person in my life from years ago. 

I had one encounter with her. 

I don’t remember where it was.

I  remember the day.*

I remember her talking to me. 

I did not answer.  I may have nodded.  I’m not sure.

My head hurt.  

I felt weightless. There was nothing tying me to earth. 

Her words came from a distance.  

You have  tough times ahead. You must take care of yourself.

Over the years I have often remembered her words. 

Unsolicited, barely acknowledged,

Granting  permission to rest a bit, 

To give up being in charge, in control, always needing a plan.

She reached out to a stranger in pain, in shock.

I am grateful.


*The day I  learned my Husband had a year left to live.  In writing this post I wondered what made me think of Linda. Then I realized, tomorrow is his birthday.

7 thoughts on “Kindness from a stranger

  1. The little things are important. We have quite a collection of what we might call trivia at the time, and they are there to draw on later on. Like a million little pennies that fill our minds to make a pot of gold.

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  2. Ah dear lady, it is in those moments that we ‘know’ we have been touched with a love like no other. It is at those incredibly hard moments that we are cared for the greatest…but are just too damaged in pain or loss to see…ourselves, let alone anything further. An angel she was, and even your husband has now left a message. Big hugs dear lady, it is a hard, hard journey…but in going through all that you have you will one day see something amazing, and give it all purpose. And a love like nothing else that can be compared to it…it is beyond words ❤️ 🙏🏽 🦋

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