Saturday Morning November 12, 2022

Good morning from chilly, but not rainy, Portland.

I surveyed my front and back patios to see if the leaves had taken over.

So far, the score is 1-1.

A friend loaned me a leaf blower so I have an advantage.

I hate using a leaf blower…so loud plus, I can use the exercise. Still, I am grateful to have it for the sidewalk and driveway.

When I am not in a hurry, raking leaves makes me slow down and smell the leaves.

I am in a panic.

Nothing huge, just have to prepare for a small party I am hosting on Tuesday evening.

There will be four of us…all women who talk every week over ZOOM.

Good friends, sharing our ups and downs, insights, concerns, recipes…you name it.

Part of the preparation is cleaning my house.

My house is generally clean.

Of course, that’s what Margaret thought too!


She was an older woman whom I used to visit in her home to check on her and to keep her company.

The first time I took her to lunch she surprised me.

I ordered a sensible salad.

She ordered a large piece of chocolate cake and a glass of milk!

She laughed at my reaction.

She died a few years later.

I still recall our conversations and her lunch choice…always a rich dessert and a glass of milk.

Margaret’s House

I was always a little uncomfortable in her house as it was dirty, not filthy, just dirty in a genteel way.

I realized later that she had vision problems and could not see to clean.

A fine layer of dust did not bother her.

She was happy. She brought joy to others, including me.

My little party starts at 4:30 and sunset is 4:40. I will light candles and not worry if my house is not spotless.

My friends are coming to see me not my house.

What Just Happened

When I started writing this post, I felt unsettled.

Sharing and remembering dear Margaret with you helped me to put the party in perspective.

Now I feel calm and happy.

It is wonderful to know that I can “talk” with you, sometimes across miles and across time zones.

Happy Saturday!

11 thoughts on “Saturday Morning November 12, 2022

  1. And a happy Saturday to you also dear lady. Margaret found something that it takes a long time to find…herself. She ‘let go’ her and others expectations, simply because she could never live them. And yes, that is why you enjoyed her company, it was freeing for you too. We only ever give out what we are. And if you too begin to ‘let go’ those things in your life you may find that this ‘let go’ may include some of your friends. But that is ok, that change of loving yourself may scare them, they may not be ready yet for something so profound. And it is just your heart speaking to you, it wants you to be happy too. Your only now beginning to dare you, the real you. We’ll get a post soon with a picture of you and a hammer, or maybe thoughts of a shift into another land that has many Margarets 😀❤️🙏🏽

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