Sad scary news…

Dear Friends,

I had the phone call that no one wants to receive.


My beautiful daughter-in-law is seriously ill.

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Coming in from the cold..

We were spoiled with  48 hours of sunny weather in Portland recently.

It was so warm that I wore shorts while walking my dog Ginny.

My legs were so white that I almost caused a traffic accident!

I slept with my windows open.

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City Scenes, Portland, Oregon

While walking around on a lovely spring day in Portland, Oregon…

Walking through cherry blossoms.  Beautiful now.  Slippery when wet!


Outdoor Art

Cloud Totem by Riis Burwell   (Outdoor sculpture/Google photo effect)

“My work seeks to explore the intangible in nature suggesting that what is unseen is just as important as what is seen!”  Riis Burwell


Sanctuary City

Heading for coffee and a respite in the sunshine I saw this sign on several front lawns.



My mind must be playing tricks on me! I finished this post today. I hit publish but could not find it. The nice people at WP found it. However, it shows that it was published in April…what? Are the Russians hacking me too? I never knew I was so important!

Lori Greer in Portland

One of my favorite sayings is this one.

The mouth should have three gatekeepers.

Is it true?

Is it kind?

Is it necessary?

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Dating Disaster 1

I was attending a large university.

I was away from home for the first time.

I had a on-again off-again boyfriend.

We had dated in high school.

He was nice but old news.

I was ready to date other guys.

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I’m No Quitter!

It’s Wednesday.

Many of the tasks on my Monday “to do list” have migrated to Wednesday’s list.

That’s how my week is going.

It’s good to have work.

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Democracy Dies in Darkness

“As long as a journalist tells the truth, in conscience and fairness, it is not his job to worry about consequences. The truth is never as dangerous as a lie in the long run. I truly believe the truth sets men free.” Ben Bradlee**,  The Washington Post

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Orion’s Gift

“They say ignorance is bliss. I can vouch for that. My life was humming along just fine until I received that letter. Afterwards, nothing was the same.

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The House of Small Cubes

Please take a few minutes to watch this twelve minute video.

It is delightful and engaging.

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Easy Listening…

Smart phone with ear buds pexel

I love podcasts!

They keep me company when I am walking,cooking, and cleaning.

Here are some of my current favorites.

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