Love from a distance…

Rural farming scene

Three weeks of glorious weather.
Three weeks of shorts and tee shirts.
Three weeks of coffee on the porch in the morning.
Three weeks of happy hour on the porch in early evening.

Three weeks of caring for Mabel


Ma belle Mabel at seven months.

Home to Portland

Twelve hours travel time from coast to coast.

Rising at 4 A.M. to make a 6 A.M. flight.

Sitting around in Atlanta due to a delayed flight.

Watching news reports about disturbing incidents on the airlines.

Landing in Portland, Oregon to rain and cold weather.

Jet lagged. Tired. A little dazed.

OK, Now What?

Time for work.  Time for the gym.

Time to resume life without my daily dose of Mabel.

It’s hard being a long-distance grandmother.

My precious grandson Aiden lives in Denver.  He is six.

Aiden and I talk on the phone and do Hangouts.

I send him letters.

He is coming this summer to visit.

Aiden in Denver.  Mabel in Alabma.

Me in Portland.

Missing Mabel

Mabel at six months


Turn around and they are grown.

30 thoughts on “Love from a distance…

    1. It is amazing how fast time goes with little ones. I have seen Mabel three times in her seven months. It is not enough! Eleven years old…it is hard for parents but an exciting time for children as they grow into teenagers. I know you enjoy watching her discover the world while wishing she would not grow up…at least that how I felt with my sons.
      Have a great weekend.

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  1. Ah, Lori I feel for you. The distance and the time that will be eaten up by being apart must pull like fish hooks on your heart. She is beautiful. And you have her….even though physically not all that often in your arms. XX

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    1. Yes, it is like having fish hooks in my heart. I miss her everyday. I am planning my next trip. One problem is the oppressive heat and humidity in the summer in Alabama!
      Thank you for taking time from your busy day to read and comment.
      Hugs from Portland, Oregon.

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  2. Oh Lori, I feel for you. My mother has always been a long-distance grandparent and I know how tough it’s been for her, and my son. Mabel is so gorgeous and I can see how you’ll miss her. Hopefully there will be many chances for you to spend lots of time with both grandchildren.

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    1. Thank you. I hope your son has lots of good times with his grandmother.
      I never imagined that my sons would live so far away. Denver is a two hour flight. Alabama is an all day trip.
      I hope the rest of your​ week goes well and that you have a great weekend.😊

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    1. You are right. I never knew how wonderful it would be to have grandchildren. Also, it is fun to watch my sons deal with their own children.
      So, how are things with you? Sending you hugs from Portland.

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  3. Oh that smile and those eyes! Melts a granny’s heart for sure. We’re making plans to travel to N.E. Washington again soon for the 2 month hallmark.

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    1. Yes, they do win our hearts from the first moment we lay eyes on them! How lucky for your visit as the weather should be nice in N.E. Washington now. We have had lots of rain in Portland. Today the sun is out but it’s cold. 39 F this morning. Still, it is beautiful to see the sun and the plants and trees in bloom. Not so good for allergies, however.
      Safe travels!


  4. I had three children. I now have four grandchildren with a fifth due in June. All live miles away and it will be worth the 1000 km journey to be with a 2year old as his mum goes to hospital for the birth of her daughter. Our son is pleased we are coming . Certainly I find the years between babyhood and teens seems to fly by very fast in our lives now. Our own children had grandparents who lived in England when they were little. This was hard they told everyone their Gran and Pop lived in an aeroplane. Their only memory was a visit when they were 1 and 3 years old. They saw them regularly when grandparents immigrated but they were teenagers then. Loved your beautiful photo. Children are such a joy. I hope you are have a wonderful day as well. What a beautiful baby in your blog!

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