Kindness of Strangers

All of the “essentials” go out the window in times of crisis.

Eating, exercise, manicures, hair, nothing seems very important.

Today I was able to take a couple of hours for my hair and nails.

Many thanks to Karin for a beautiful new hairstyle.  It felt so good to leave the salon with clean, styled hair rather than my pulled back “I am not worrying about my hair right now” look of the previous two weeks.

Many thanks to Meshelle Bridges for transforming my “chewed to the quick” nails into ten little works of beauty.  Thanks for putting up with my tears.


I am eating better.

I am sleeping through the night.

I am staying strong.

My nail polish is definitely dry.

12 thoughts on “Kindness of Strangers

  1. Lori, as someone who has never met you in person you come across through your blogs as so natural, cool and full of life. I am always glad to see one of your posts. Keep blogging it is good therapy not just for you, but the rest of us who in various ways are part of your journey. A big HUG! Prayer from across the sea.

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  2. When we must get down to basics, the discretionary items are unimportant. But how sweet of your friends to offer personal attention to you. I’m not Christian, but I think of Jesus washing the feet of his disciples, an act of mercy in a time of distress.


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