Semi-Happy Day

Today was a “semi-happy” day.

I will take that without feeling guilty.***

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I spent time with a friend who will celebrate five years of being cancer-free in December.

He understood my needs and was very helpful.

He told me about his recent trip to Puerto Rico and his plans for repairing his driveway, We talked about his Mother’s recent fall and plans for his birthday in September.

We were just two friends having a gabfest.

It felt so good.


What your friends with cancer want you to know (but are afraid to say)

This article about being with someone who has cancer is helpful.

It is good advice for other life situations also.

I hope you will take a few minutes to read it.

What your friends with cancer want you to know (but are afraid to say)

Peace to all.


***My heartfelt thanks to all for your patience, support, prayers, and loving concern during my daughter-in-law’s battle with stage 4 cancer.





10 thoughts on “Semi-Happy Day

  1. I really get the semi-happy part.
    It’s a very good thing you can have it without guilt – shows inner strength… and you will need all you can muster! 🙂
    praying still,

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  2. Thanks for the referral to the other article which is a wonderful eye opener. She made some obvious suggestions and others I wouldn’t have thought of. I try not to cross lines here or with other friends undergoing cancer treatments, but I make mistakes too. Sending love, Lori, to you and your family.

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  3. Thanks for the article Lori. There was a lot of practical advice in there. You and your family continue to be in my thoughts.
    I hope you will savour the moments of small joys that come your way. Remind yourself of point #10 and give yourself a hug.


  4. There’s no way to measure the help or count the people who gain understanding thru your posts..
    I hope you are sharing the comments with your daughter in law.. Especially the “i didn’t know that” and the people who say they found this information a real help.. Your daughter in law and family did not volunteer for this but, in this nightmare, you and her, are helping others.. The obvious that show in the comments.. and the untold others, who just didn’t comment, not knowing what to say..


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