Compare & Despair

“Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me.”

Most of us know that this is not true.

Joey Julius almost lost his life because of words.

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I am proud of his strength in dealing with his issues and sharing his struggle publicly.

I am ashamed to live in a society that is so cruel that a young man almost kills himself because of taunts about his weight.

Cyber-bullying, “mean girls”, hateful comments on social media, hate mail….

Where is our moral compass?

I would like to meet Joey Julius.

He has many talents to share with the world.  I could learn from him.

His words

“Compare and despair,” he said. “I am not like you; you are not like me. And If I keep trying to be like somebody that I’m not, then I will not be anything.”

~Quote from Joey Julius Ex-Penn State Kicker, article by Roman Stubbs  in The Washington Post 11/24/2017

Joey Julius Ex-Penn State Kicker




9 thoughts on “Compare & Despair

  1. Teasing and bullying seems to be almost a natural trait in many children. I was teased a lot in elementary school, and many other children joined in with the main bullies. I got through it because I had the love and support of my parents, but not every child is so lucky. Because of my experience, I empathize with victims of bullying and mean teasing. I hope that in my years as a teacher I helped prevent the escalation of bullying whenever I noticed it happening. I think a lot of the bullying behaviour is learned at home, sometimes inadvertently. Families need to set good examples of kind behaviour to help put an end to such meanness. Thanks for drawing attention to this terrible problem in our society, Lori.

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      1. I was very lucky. I knew it then as I know it now. I think that kind of security would help most children through their difficult times at school. If only every child could have that kind of love and support. I wish!

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    1. I think there are now some laws but how well they are enforced is hard to say. Often, the intervention is too late as we read about young people shamed who choose suicide as a way out. As always, thank you for reading and commenting.

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    1. Bullying, intimidation, disregard for others and for our community pose a huge problem. In finding his inner strength, he was able to know the truth that did set him free. Thank you for your comments.

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  2. The rise of internet bullying and the hateful things thrown out there……….When accountability to God was removed from school ethics teaching, many children have absolutely no moral compass unless parents enforce it at home BUT……….Many have lost their way also. Wherever we may be whether mother, grandmother, pastor, teacher, priest or layperson it must be shown by our lives, our examples. Let it begin with us and stand absolutely and passionately for a Better Way. First commandment…..before the other nine. Then the clear words of Jesus Himself……..others as you love yourself. (Find first as your writer indicated Lori……..I am thankful for exactly who I am) then Love others from that same realization) Then………….let the hateful and stupid rantings of others be switched off or tuned out)….We must KNOW who we are……… live, and travel the world to simply BE in the midst of it all. Our role model must not be a ‘here’ model but a ‘there’ model with incredible possibilities.

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  3. I like your distinction between the here and there model of behavior. The Golden Rule makes all the difference or it can when practiced. Hugs from the other side of the world to you Faye.


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