Head up. Keep Moving.

Cherish moments & experiences, not things.

~Shana Verstegen, Lumberjack & Fitness Pro

Autumn Trees 2 pexels.com Photo Mix
~www.pexels.com/Photo Mix

Far from Home

Spending time with my son, his sick wife and my 14-month old granddaughter.

The weather has turned cold making it harder to walk my daily 3-5 miles.

It’s easier to stay indoors, watch Netflix and play with the baby.

I am slipping into bad habits….eating too much food especially sweets.


I know I will regret it later

I am grasping at whatever keeps me strong, motivated and balanced.

I have to face the demons.

Being with my sick daughter-in-law is a painful reminder of the long illness of my late husband.

I take comfort in the knowledge that cancer treatments today are so much better than when he faced cancer. The “state of the art” treatments he had are considered “old school” now.

Worry is the biggest demon.  Worry, worry, worry.

I found that I could not meditate this morning as my mind was fluttering all over the place.


My Fitness Pal

After dutifully logging my coffee, almond milk and water I watched a video on My Fitness Pal  phone app by Shana Verstegen on motivation.

Shana Verstegan

It got me going.

So, after a healthy breakfast of steel cut oatmeal, I am out the door for a quick walk in 40° weather.

Head up.  Keep moving!

Woman Walking on Road Pexels Sebastian Voortman
~Photo http://www.pexels.com/Sebastian Voorman

Happy Thanksgiving!



5 thoughts on “Head up. Keep Moving.

  1. That is probably the hardest part Lori, keeping our hearts up and strong. And as you said, we are tempted by those sweets etc that do in fact lower our resistance…to everything, even though at the time they feel like the comforting that we want, especially in the cold weather.
    But you have compensated with your walks, they will eat up the excess adrenal from the stress of what you are all currently going through and make you stronger.
    You are doing well my friend, as is your faith ❤
    Love and light to you all ❤

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