We join spokes together in a wheel

~Foggy Lake Photo by Gabriela Palai/Pexel.com~

This is what I am thinking about this morning as I sit by the fireplace.

“We join spokes together in a wheel,
but it is the center hole
that makes the wagon move.

We shape clay into a pot,
but it is the emptiness inside
that holds whatever we want.

We hammer wood for a house,
but it is the inner space
that makes it livable.

We work with being,
but non-being is what we use.”

— Tao De Ching


8 thoughts on “We join spokes together in a wheel

      1. Going well dear lady, we have had lovely rain for a week and it appears to have put all the fires out. It has caused a bit of flooding but hey, with the cleared air I can finally breath oxygen again. There are blessings among the crazy things. Much love and light to you, I hope you are going well also 😀 ❤️ 🙏🏽 🦋 🦘 🐬 🐳 🌺

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  1. True but it is a work of God the Holy Spirit to make the inner person like the refining fire of a silversmith into the image of Jesus Christ the Saviour so God the Father can SEE His Son in us. The inner place where no one else can SEE . The outside may look WONDERFUL but How about your heart? Is it right with God? Thank you sincerely Lori. The post prompts response. Blessings!

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