The Long Game

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When I was a teenager I thought my parents did not know anything of consequence. 

In contrast, I knew everything.  

Ah, what a rude awakening life can be. 

Yes, I had “book learning” but was lacking in street smarts, common sense…whatever you want to call it.  

Yet, in spite of my superior attitude, I still sought my parents’ advice and guidance on many things and often followed their advice.  

I did the same with other trusted adults. 

My go to guy

After I married, my Husband was my go to guy for everything.  He was the person I could tell anything knowing that he would neither laugh at nor ridicule me.  I also knew that he could help me find a solution by examining the problem from many angles.  

It was such a comfort.  

His death left a big void that I still struggle with at times. 

On my own, kind of

Although I have  found lovely people whose counsel I trust, it is hard because we do not have the shared history that he and I enjoyed.  He knew me and could intuit what the real issue was. 

Yet, I am lucky and grateful that I am not alone and I have people who care about me.  People who will listen and share their viewpoint.  

However, that does not relieve me of the responsibilty of thinking things through, researching the problem and making a plan…regardless of the issue.  

My Husband was always reading and studying so that he could be informed and could make intelligent decisions.  

But, as he always said, “We do the best we can based on what we know at the time” which has comforted me when I look back at poor decisions that I made on my own.  

He also taught me to play the long game and that has made a big difference.  


4 thoughts on “The Long Game

  1. This is so on the mark, Lori. I use that same expression of your husband’s (“We do the best we can based on what we know at the time” ) and I really believe it is true. He sounds like he was a good person and a good influence on your life. You were lucky to have had that. Many people don’t.

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  2. Dear lori,
    All of us must journey and the long road will have hills and valleys, Loss on this Way is inevitable. being alone often becomes inevitable, You probably would prefer I did not comment further but there is one companion on this journey I KNOW will never leave me nor forsake me, I can’t see HIM but He is with and beside me . The Presence of Jesus within defies all logic but in 2020 it is the TRUTH for many struggling lives, I care about you Lori. I pray you will meet Him if you look for HIM on your way. Blessings! love! Peace!

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