Christmas Day 2020


It is cold and raining in Portland tonight.

The end of a long and sweet day.

I was not sure how the day would be.  I just wanted to get through it. 

The phone rang while I was still asleep.

It was my sweet 4-year old granddaughter and her Dad calling to video chat.  I have not seen her in over a year thanks to the COVID restrictions. Sigh.

After that call I dressed quickly and went downstairs to let Riley out and to pour myself a cup of coffee.

Sipping coffee by the fire with Riley in my lap is wonderful any day but especially nice on Christmas morning.

One of the rare moments when Riley is still for a moment!
~Photo Lori Greer in Portland~

My 10-year old grandson and his parents were next with their Christmas wishes.

Later my grandson called and texted several more times during the day to share his progress in setting up his new computer.

The best was when his Dad called to tell me they were setting up a game of Battleship.  It reminded me of happy times playing that game with both of my sons.

At 2 PM I enjoyed a ZOOM party with several friends.

Then, a video chat with family in Venice, California before they left to drive to Palm Springs.

Dinner was Italian pork shanks, polenta, roasted carrots and raddicchio salad.  I did not serve dessert as there were so many treats from friends to savor.  The wine was magnificent, a gift from a friend.

After dinner, it was all about Riley as we tossed a ball gently to her as she waited at the top of the stairs.  She usually caught it in her mouth and then dropped it so it would roll down the stairs. Then one of us would toss it up again.

There is a mirror at the top of the stairs.  A few times, she tried to toss the ball to the dog in the mirror!

Now, I feel calm, relaxed and thankful for my day.

Sending heartfelt greetings to everyone,

Lori & Riley (5 months)

Riley is a mini Aussiedoodle (part Australian Sheppard & Poodle).

10 thoughts on “Christmas Day 2020

  1. It looks like you got through the day just fine, Lori. It’s been a difficult day for many who are isolated this year, but it’s only a day and then we can get on with regular life. We had a very quiet Christmas too, and we are looking forward to days ahead without regrets about things we can’t change. It’s great to see you looking for the positive, and being strong. Your Riley looks like a real sweetheart!

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  2. What a calm and meaningful day you’ve had Lori. Thank goodness you have Riley with those beautiful, soft eyes – a warm body who doesn’t mind how you spend Christmas, as long as she can be with you. That is perfect. Wishing you joy and wonder in your days to come, as we navigate our way into the unknown of 2021. ❤

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  3. Thank you Lori. I was thinking of you and glad now to hear that your beautiful little dog is such a great companion. Your day sounded rich rich with love in many facets. Blessings!

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  4. It’s been a tough year for everyone. Being separated for so long from the people we love is excruciating. Hopefully you’ll see your family in person early in 2021. I can’t wait to see (hug, kiss) mine. Merry Christmas, Lori. May the New Year bring you good health and much happiness.

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