Stop the Bleed

Our dystopian world?

I was troubled by a recent article in the Florence, Alabama newspaper, The Times Daily.

I had to read it and digest it in the context of what it meant for the world that I live in now and the world that my grandchildren will inherit.

It left me feeling unsettled but determined.

Campaign teaches bystanders to save lives

“As the number of mass shootings continues to climb across the United States, emergency medical workers are seeking to arm bystanders with the knowledge, equipment, and confidence needed to save lives during bleeding emergencies.


“The White House launched the Stop the Bleed Campaign in October 2015 which grew out of the Sandy Hook Elementary School mass shooting in 2012.”   ~Times Daily

Now in my country

It’s another time. It’s another continent.

Yet, all I can think is “Cry, the beloved country, for the unborn child that’s the inheritor of our fear.”  Cry the  Beloved Country by Alan Paton

My beloved country.




5 thoughts on “Stop the Bleed

  1. Such things remind me how thankful I am to have a Faith to help me through the times my mind wanders to what my children may face and the future of this world. That Faith continues me on my journey with an inner peace and optimism knowing “all is well”, in a world that is not so well.

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    1. Yes, our Faith is so important. I recall a conversation with an 90+ year old woman who shared her terror about WWII. She is a woman of deep faith and a wonderful example of how to live. Faith, family & friends…my support system. Thank you for sharing.

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  2. If there is anything the past few weeks has taught me is that the greatest thanksgiving in my life is the faith in Christ and His Presence with us that upholds my husband and I in this world. Oh! the reality of what the article highlights in many of our nations. How to deal with the problem but not how to root out and cauterize the problem itself. One beginning for our nation here in Oz has to be our ‘tight’ gun-laws. It does not stop violence but it lessens the events where unstable people can act. guns don’t kill….people do. What is making the violent …….violent? Could it be what they feeding their hearts and minds on?. What is being taught in schools? Violence will always breed violence!! May we who have faith, walk in the inner peace that Christ alone can give us. May by our lives and actions etc we be ambassadors of this PEACE to others. This is my Thanksgiving Day Prayer.

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  3. We are also living in a “Cry the beloved Country” situation… fact, that is where Alan Paton’s book originates. Times were different when he wrote it. They may have changed, but they are more dangerous today. Thinking of you, Lori ❤

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