Hello Beautiful Day*

The day of my husband’s funeral the sun was shining.

The sky was blue with little wisps of clouds.

The air was crisp.

It was a beautiful day.


The weather seemed like a rebuke. On the saddest day for my sons and me, how could it be such a beautiful day?

But it was.

Somewhere people were laughing. Babies were being born. Plans being made.

Regardless of our pain, the world went on.

In retrospect

In retrospect, I am glad that it was a beautiful day.

It was the kind of day that he would have gone for a bike ride.

It was the kind of day that he would have worked in the garage or done yardwork.

He was a happy, optimistic, easy-going guy.

A gloomy day with dark clouds and drizzle would not have resonated with his personality.

In his last months, when he had endured treatments, operations and the dignities that accompany long-term cancer, he still had a ready smile and a joke for others.

A precious memory for me is that we often sang together in the evenings when no one was around. We held hands and sang off-key, making up the words that we had forgotten.

A beautiful day

It’s never good to bury your husband, father, son, brother, uncle.

Yet, it had to be done.

As it had to be done, I am glad that it was a beautiful day.

* My Husband died several years ago.  For the most part, my intense grief has subsided.  As I live my life, memories bubble up. Each presents an opportunity for me to revisit and dissipate some of the intense emotions associated with the loss of a loved one.

19 thoughts on “Hello Beautiful Day*

  1. This is a lovely perspective. Grief is about the survivors…linking the weather the day of his burial to him as an individual, that’s cherishing his memory. Thank you for sharing that insight.

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  2. I sense the beautiful day, the happy singing together, the peace of your husband and the ache in your heart… be brave dear Lori, it’s going to take as long as it takes… we’re all here for you… much love and kisses, barbara x

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  3. I do understand how a sunny-day funeral can seem to honour the one you’ve lost. When my mother in law died, we conducted the funeral service at her home, in a room open to her beloved garden, with the sun streaming through the windows. The boys carried her coffin through the garden on her last journey. It was a beautiful ending.

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  4. This reminded me of my grandmother’s funeral. It was the most beautiful Florida day, until we started to put her into the ground, a large dark cloud came over us and started pouring. Once she hit the bottom, the sun came back out. We knew instantly she had to leave with one last bang. Wow!

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  5. Even though they are in a very beautiful place, your journey is the hard part. But this too is meant to endure and build a heart that will appreciate that beauty too. The fact that your heart can now burst into tears at different times means it is working wonderfully Lori.
    Much love and light for your journey my friend…wait till its your turn and to finally ‘touch’ something very, very beautiful…and to then give that in turn to those that remain, as they are now doing for you ❤

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  6. a BEAUTIFUL Tribute. I’m glad it was a beautiful day. Memories are so special as the years pass. it caused me to reflect on the beautiful days I remember when funerals of Mum and Dad, sister and friends were buried. One dear friend (only 40 years old – many years ago now was buried in drizzling rain. ) Amazing person she was, she had arranged for music to be played as we left the cemetery. Cliff Richards….’We’re all goin on a Summer holiday….on a bright and brilliant sunny day.’. Thank you for beautiful blog and reviving memories both poignant and happy. I know your husband is be proud of you and your ability to express such a tribute.

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    1. A loving memory of your family and friends especially the one with music as you left the cemetary. It is especially considerate to think of those we leave when we plan our funerals…if we are lucky enough to plan. Thank you for sharing your experince. Hugs from Portland, Lori

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