Little Girl in Distress

As I was walking out the door this morning for an 8:30 appointment, my phone rang.

It was my 3-year old granddaughter calling for a video chat.

Of course I took the call. I was prepared to be late or miss my appointment.

A minute later her sweet little face popped up on my screen.


It was an emergency

She was distressed and needed my help.

She could not find her cream colored nail polish.

Did I know where it was?

We talked about it.

Maybe the cleaning lady moved it.

Maybe it was in the pink bathroom.

She was close to tears as she told me that the cleaning lady would not come again until Thursday.

She had looked in the pink bathroom.

She couldn’t find her polish!


Daddy to the rescue

My son stepped in and  promised to take her to buy polish today.

Seeing this precious child made me miss her even more.

Seeing her upset made me want to reach into the screen and hold her.

It made me miss her Mom who would have handled this crisis.

She would have located the polish.

She would have taken her to buy more.

Now, as a single parent and widower, it is my son’s job.

This is so hard.

Loss rears its head in many ways, catching us off-guard.

But we keep moving.

There’s a 3-year old who needs reassurance and love.

Sweet child, your Mommy is gone but you will be OK.





27 thoughts on “Little Girl in Distress

      1. Thank you. I am doing creative things and calming things… made a slide show last night. I also am cleaning closets & drawers…where does all of that stuff come from? Take care.

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  1. Awh!! This pulled my heart strings soo much. I can only imagine how much it affected you. Hugs to you and your precious granddaughter and son!
    Thoughts and prayers are with you all as you travel this hard journey.

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  2. Very poignant, Lori — it is so true, it is the “small” specific moments that bring large events into focus – the lost cream nail polish vignette is the perfect example. May 2020 bring all of you more and more moments of calm and peace


  3. Often it is in these seemingly ‘little” things that the heart strings are most tugged. Thank God you have the technology to actually see speak and interact with this little one. One day and one little step at a time into 2020. May the blessings and the grief truly walk hand in hand as you journey together even if from a DISTANCE. God’s richest Strength and Grace to you each one. x


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