Unknown blessings…

Give thanks for unknown blessings that are already on their way.  ~Native American prayer

Blessings I know about.

  1. The love of family.
  2. The love of friends both near and far.
  3. My sweet dog Ginny.
  4. My good health.
  5. My warm house.

The unknown blessings will be a joy unexpected.

~Photo Lisa Fotios/www.pexels.com~



3 thoughts on “Unknown blessings…

  1. This links, or perhaps I’m just make it link, to some thoughts I’ve been having about ‘meaning’ in life. My thought being to spend less time searching for it in places where I expect it will, or ought to be, located and instead relax and just let it arise wherever it wants to. Now I’ll expand that concept to ‘blessings.’ Try here too to be open, and allow an unexpected blessing to just arise — poof! — just like that, wherever/whenever it wants to. May we all be open to it…

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  2. a-men dear one. May indeed this be so. Blessings in many ways in the days and months ahead. Perhaps just gentle little ones but a reminder always of the possibilities just around the corner and what each new day can bring. Look after your health, your life and your spirit. Know you are loved even by ‘strangers across the ocean’. xx

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