An Encounter

There was a new nurse today at my doctor’s office.

She was young and eager to please.

She had trouble taking my blood pressure.

I didn’t mind, but she was flustered.

She succeeded the second time.

She was pleased, then puzzled and then upset to see me in tears…

Of course, it had nothing to do with her…

It’s just that she was young.

~Photo pixabay~


My daughter in law is young.

She is a nurse.

She will never take anyone’s blood pressure again.

She will never walk again.

She will never swing her toddler up in the air again.


A sharp intake of my breath and I reassured the young nurse that she did not upset me,

Not at all.

I did not tell her that the horror of a young mother on the verge of dying moves me to tears time and time again.

The tears keep coming.



11 thoughts on “An Encounter

  1. Oh Lorie, my heart again goes out to you. The most unexpected things can move us to tears when we are going through something so very hard! Continued prayers!! 💕💕💕


  2. Just starting out, a heart that has not touched much pain, innocent of what is to come.
    One day she too will have much wisdom, and in doing so she will feel what your heart now can.
    Simply because you now understand love, and the losing of those beautiful connections.
    Our babies (our children or others), should not leave before we do, it seems to defeat something, that part of us we have loved and shared in that creation.
    But your daughter in law has also created something too, another heart that is innocent and will be still getting a love and wisdom only a grandma can give 💜
    A very big hug Lori, and may those tears ease the pain and give strength in your journey 💜

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  3. Dear Lori,
    Thank you for writing and letting us have a glimpse of the TRUTH of your journey. All I can do from my own heart is send a hug. Shared love and caring may not lessen the load but KNOW you never walk ALONE. Prayers too flow my mother’s heart to connect with yours.


  4. Dear Lori, the very thought of what your young daughter-in-law will never do, either for a first time or ever again, makes for ‘a sharp intake of breath’. Such a difficult truth to believe. Don’t lose a minute of time you can still share.
    Hugs ❤ Jeanne


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