Traveling Mercies


That’s what priests say when a person is departing.

In my former parish, we would go to the altar to receive traveling mercies.

My daughter-in-law died this week.

She died at home surrounded by family and friends.

It is the end of suffering for her.

It is the beginning of a new journey for my son and his little girl.

I wish them traveling mercies.


~Photo of trees: Todd Trapani photographer


25 thoughts on “Traveling Mercies

  1. I’m praying for you all. This was a hard journey, but this next step will be hard for all of you especially Mark. Travel mercies was the right message. Love you my friend.


  2. Much love and light also for her journey…and for you and family also Lori ❤️
    The traveling mercies will gently guide all of your hearts as a comfort as you go through this time ❤️


  3. Dear lori, yesterday I tried to make a comment but was classed as ‘unknown’. (Hope it works today.)
    All I can say is with love, connection of heart and a prayer I stand with you across the miles in spirit. You all now await for the dawn after the night of darkness and grief has travelled its course. xx F.


  4. Trying again Dear One,
    I simply wanted to express my ‘Standing’ with understanding and prayer from across the sea. May you all know Comfort as you travel through the dark night of grieving but KNOW in your hearts that the Dawn of a New Day will come. Peace and Love with sharing of tears. F.


  5. It will not let me connect with you today. Trying for fourth time.
    Dear One, All I really wanted to say is understanding. sharing of tears and prayer from across the ocean and to sow the HOPE that fuels our lives as mortals. After the darkness of grief and loss we look towards the Promise of the new day and the Dawn. Please know in my heart I sit beside and with you in the darkness. xx F.


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